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Selling your home quickly and for the most $$$.

Here is a great article written by a trusted advisor partner of mine on HOW TO GET YOUR HOME SOLD QUICKLY AND FOR THE MOST MONEY…Even in todays new environment!  Enjoy

Theresa Vallier Minichiello
CEO & Founder
Stage Right Home Staging, LLC
When an entrepreneur makes a decision to go into business – any business – one of the first things he or she must identify is whether or not the business viable. So, what does that mean? A viable business?
To determine a viable business, an entrepreneur must research the answer to several important questions:
       1)      Is there a need/demand for the product?
       2)      Who is the consumer of the product?
       3)      Why should the consumer choose this particular product over another?
Only once all of these questions are answered can the entrepreneur decide if moving forward in starting the business is a good idea.
Selling a house is a business transaction. Consider that your home is now a product for sale and, like any business person, you will want to see a great return on your product. Think of yourself as the entrepreneur in this scenario, and ask the three business questions outlined above before starting your “home selling business.” Here is what you need to consider:
1)      Q: Is there a need/demand for homes?
        A: The circle of life is such that there will always be a need for houses; no matter what the state of the “market” is. People get married, upsize, downsize, get divorced, relocate for work, hit the lottery, etc. The more specific question to answer is what is the demand for your house? Here’s what determines that demand:
–          Location – First and foremost, buyers will start their search where they want to live.
–          Price – Buyers’ next consideration will be finding a home within their price range in that location.
–          Condition – When it comes to making the final decision, buyers will purchase the best house within their price range in the location where they want to live.
2)      Q: Who is the consumer?
       A: Consider the demographics for your area and price range. Remember that this is how you are going to market your business (home). You can have the greatest house out there, but if it’s not marketed correctly, the perfect buyer may not find it.
–        Online photos are crucial. Your house must show beautifully online before a buyer will even consider coming for a showing. It should be presented in pristine condition, using numerous high-quality photos placed in multiple locations on the Internet so that it can be easily found in an online search.
3)      Q: Why should the buyer (consumer) choose your home? What makes your house better than the others?
        A: The condition of your home is crucial to “sealing the deal.” Let’s call this the branding part of your business. Professional Stagers are branding experts with abundant education and experience in researching the market in your location and price range. They will help to keep your house ahead of the curve. Stagers continually research color, furnishings, and home design trends, ensuring that your house will be the one that stands out as the best value, for the best price, in the location your buyer desires.
Remember that hugely profitable businesses all over the world use this formula. Millions of dollars are spent before they’ll even attempt to put a product on the shelf. Your house is your largest investment. Whatever your reason for selling now, follow the lead of these profitable businesses to ensure you create the biggest profit margin for your house. Your professional Home Stager is the key to unlocking the success of your home selling business venture.


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