The Voice of Delaware Professional Real Estate Professionals

Is the market still going down??

Yes, it sure is!! And the US economy has been downgraded….. Think that’ll help you sell that home?? Nope!

As far as the future, we have no idea and we live and breath real estate. (sorry, no crystal ball here)

Ask the TV guys and the’ll tell you 5-8 years…and that’s just how long till it starts to get better, so if your waiting for the market to “get better” be patient, very, very, very patient!!!

And don’t start adding up all this payments you made 8 years from now and wonder why you lived an unhappy life in a home you disliked enough to think about selling it in the first place!

It’s always the right time to sell if you WANT to sell to improve your quality of life:-)

Happy selling!!


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