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My Home Failed To Sell…..NOW WHAT??

Do you stay with the same agent?  If not, how do I find a good one that will successfully sell my home?

First things first…..Stay with the same agent?  Really, do you really need to ask that question?  They failed to sell it the first time, what are they going to do differently this time.

OK, so you’re not using the same agent….how do you find a good one??

The great news is THEY WILL FIND YOU!!!  If your home failed to sell and expired then you know what I mean.  You will have a number of Realtors calling asking to list your home.  So, all you need to do is interview a few and pick the best fit. Here’s what to look for:

1. Aggressive marketing…..If they simply mailed you a letter and/or post card with no call, eliminate them…The truly great will call you, over and over again:)  That’s how you know you have an aggressive Marketer, which is what it takes to sell a home in this new sales environment.

2. Sales history…..What is their “average days on market”.  In other words, how quickly can they sell your home?  Ask what they have sold in the past 2-3 months and how quickly they sold.

3. References…..If they are selling homes quickly they will have raving fans!  Ask for references.

4. Guarantee’s?…. The best agents have performance guarantees because they are confident in their marketing arsenal.  Always ask for and get in writing, their guarantees

5. Communication Commitment…..Selling a home is like a marriage….there should be tons of communication.  The best contact you at least once a week….Ask for a communication commitment in writing.

6. All said be absolutely be sure YOUR GOALS ARE FIRST AND FOREMOST.  Your Real Estate Professional should ask numerous probing questions to uncover all your needs and goals….without asking the right questions, they will not know how to best negotiate on your behalf.

The average number of days on market here is over 90 days…..We at average 21 Days:)


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