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Why The LONG Faces???

Home did’nt sell??  It may be all your fault…….no, really.  The problem is you chose a weak Realtor…..How can I say this without even knowing who that Realtor was?  Well, because they FAILED to sell your home.  That was what you hired them for, correct?

Here’s the good news-Homes ARE SELLING!  In New Castle County alone close to 400 homes were sold last month.  Problem is…..Your’s was not one of ’em:)

No worries though, you can become one of those lucky few that did sell….here’s how:

Hire a Realtor with a track record of selling homes quickly AND for the most money the market will allow…..

How can you be sure the  Realtor you hire has the track record you want?  Simple-ASK them….ask them what their average “days on market” is for the past 3 months (the average (the average is unacceptable, don’t get me started:), is over 100 days!!).  Just to give you some perspective, our average days on market is 22 days…….Yes, that’s 79% faster than the average Realtor.  (that’s a lot of mortgage payments)

And, how do you know they sell homes for the highest the market will allow?  Well, first they will know how to negotiate….they will be able to explain how they will actually make you THOUSANDS more dollars than the average Realtor.  A stat. you can aske for, to validate this, is the “% sales/to list price”……The average Realtor will net you somewhere around 89.9% of the original list price (again, unacceptable)  We sell houses for 96.5% of original list price……..

So, do your home-work and know that if a Realtor is aggressively soliciting your business once your home expired, they are probably a good choice:)

Happy House Selling!

Jeff Garvey


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