The Voice of Delaware Professional Real Estate Professionals

Spring is not good news for home sellers……

Why?  Because all the “wait and see sellers” (aka-non motivated) crowd will flood the market with their homes for sale….. here’s what happened…they took their homes off the market before winter, thinking it’s “not a good time to sell”, then they will place it back on the market in the Spring…..along with the all the new listings looking to “make a killing” during the Spring market……..Reality sets in…..



1. There will be 3-4 times as many homes on the market in the spring….(Yes, that’s 3-4 times as much competition for you).

2. Prices have continued to decline (so, yes, their homes are worth less now than they were last spring)

3. All these homes will force the value of all homes DOWN…(Supply vs Demand:)).

4. Motivated BUYERS were buying homes all winter:) (So the saavy sellers sold their homes for the highest possible price and have moved on with their life)


Sooooooo, if you really want to sell your home, Carpe Diem!!!!!  Seize the day!!!


Get it on the market and get it sold NOW….before the flowers (sale signs) start sprouting all over the place..


Happy Selling!!!!



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