The Voice of Delaware Professional Real Estate Professionals

Off With Their Heads!!!!

In the book-movie the Queen of Hearts would have taken off the heads of the Realtor who failed to sell her castle!!!!  Why, then do we accept such behavior in todays society??? 🙂

Their is no reason a motivated sellers house should not sell…..none.   And it should be gone in less than 30 days…..

Why?  Because the best agents, the professionals, know that the bulk of the activity (interest in the house for sale) occurs in the initial 3 weeks

So, it’s imperitive to have a strong marketing plan in place immediately to take advantage of all that interest.  IF MARKETED correctly, the home will have offers in this initial 3 weeks ….SOLD…….

If your “Realtor” failed to sell your home and you still wish to sell, please let me show you how we sell homes in less than 39 days…

As for the one that failed….”Off with their head!!”


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